Inside a Title IX Cover-Up

Oh my! Where did it go?

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Some of you may be wondering where the title IX cover-up story and Three Hours of Holding Hands went? Those posts have been temporarily removed as I assess and evaluate my own legal recourse at this time in response to the threat of a lawsuit sent at 7:13 pm on a Friday demanding the removal of the entire blog by Monday. Well, SLAP me silly!

The male Greater Sage Grouse is known for its impressive strutting display which, though connected with neither bite nor scratch, wards off competitors by ballooning up its air sacs with great grandeur and issuing intimidating thumps for periods of hours on end.

But don’t worry. There’s going to be A LOT more noise on this space big time from your favorite trouble-making Jezebel. 😉 Maybe even louder than the sound of SLAPPING.

It’s worth the wait, but for a sneak preview:

Sipping Scotch At Tolkien’s Table Whilst We Talked of Demons, Part IV: A New Hope in Mon Calamari Christ

As we left off in our last post, Lazzari proved that aliens have immortal souls and “it was established that, according to the principles of Thomistic metaphysics, intelligent extraterrestrial life forms with radically different matter than human beings do not have human natures” (Lazzari, 445). In other words, aliens are not humans. However, since they…

Read What They Don’t Want You to

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